STALWART provides lab autoclaves to help researchers prepare the media and sterilize the glassware, instruments, and waste efficiently.

Media preparation and hygienic instruments play an important role in research activities in laboratories and research institutes, while waste containing biohazards will contaminate the environment unless it’s sterilized. Researchers require autoclaves to help them complete significant tasks. STALWART, as a professional autoclave manufacturer, can give researchers the best sterilization suggestions and help them choose the right autoclaves for their purposes.

Steam Internal Discharge, Convenient Operation and Efficient Performance

You just need to choose an appropriate program and press the button to start the work, and the system will finish the sterilization automatically for you and send out a reminder when the process is complete. In addition to offering high power and fast heating, our autoclaves are equipped with cooling fans and the optional 6-level exhaust speed. They can thus provide fast cooling and quickly complete the sterilization work.

Multiple Protections to Enhance User Safety

STALWART autoclave’s patented pressure interlocking device and triple protection measures can prevent over-temperature and over-pressure situations. Our products also use double measures to prevent dry heating caused by the water shortage. We also equip our sterilization equipment with double anti-scalding device and a device to prevent an excessive current, short circuit and leakage of electricity.

Offered with a Variety of Diameters, Sizes and Functions and Can Adapt to Different Regions and Various Altitudes

We provide you with autoclaves of different types, including table top, vertical and horizontal autoclaves, at various dimensions, including large diameter, multiple volumes, and different cavity depths, and with a variety of functions, including automatic water feeding, drying and others. You can always find a suitable product to meet your different loading and sterilization needs. Our autoclaves can adapt to various altitudes. Even if you’re located in high-altitude areas in South America, there is no need to lower the sterilization temperature.